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Carabine Mauser wz.29 – weapon for 120mm figure

karabinek mauser wz.29 - figurka 120mm
Mauser carbine wz.29 was a Polish construction designed originally as a primary weapon of the Polish Army. Produced in FB Radom in the thirties was a weapon similar in appearance and performance to the German Mauser 98K. It is included with bayonet wz.29 in set of our latest...
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Home Army Courier 120mm – Warsaw Uprising 1944

figurka łączniczki AK 1944
Warsaw Uprising 1944 is despite the 70 years since its outbreak the living subject in the Polish collective consciousness. In recent years, interest and controversy about it increased. Home Army woman courier figure from the period is also one of the best produced by Adalbertus. See how has...
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