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Warsaw Uprising 1944 is despite the 70 years since its outbreak the living subject in the Polish collective consciousness. In recent years, interest and controversy about it increased. Home Army woman courier figure from the period is also one of the best produced by Adalbertus. See how has this great figure in 120mm scale was created.

Warsaw Uprising 1944

Polish Home Army (Arma Krajowa, AK) was not just a resistance movement. It was organized underground army trained for uprising at the moment of Germany collapse. When Poland felt in 1939 whole country was divided by Germans and Soviets. Both invaders started extensive genocide on Poles. Situation even worsened, when Germany attacked Russia in 1941 – at this moments Allied support for Poland diminished in favor to Soviets. When Red Army came to Polish borders in 1944 it was clear, that Poland will loose independence to Soviet regime.

Well organized Home Army of total over 200 000 underground soldiers was prepared to Operation Tepest – general uprising. It was decided not to make Uprising in Warsaw, and gross of weapon was sent to other units. When German Army Group Mitte colpased in July 1944 in Byelarussia – Warsaw saw retreating and beaten Germans. Local command decided to start Uprising immediately.

Warsaw Uprising started on 1st August 1944 to exploit German retreat and estabilish independent government before Soviets arrive. For many reasons it was bad decision. Germans just gained control on frontline East to Warsaw. Soviets stopped for over a month to let uprising collapse. Finally it lasted 63 days of struggle with about 20 000 casualties in Home Army and over 200 000 civilians genocided by Germans of total one million population of city. Then Communist set Polish People Republic and killed or supressed any independence fighters.

Sculpture of figurine of the Home Army Courier

Figurine was sculpted by exceptionally gifted author – Pongsatorn Kanthaboon from Thailand. About the author recently not much heard, but in the first decade of this century belonged to the world league sculptors 120mm.

 sketch figures 120mm

One of the sketches of figure

The project began by collecting photos of AK Group “Radoslaw” – it was about the women dressed in camouflage smock from Waffen SS. Group Radoslaw  won it in the first days of the uprising from magazines on Stawki. Then Pongsatorn made ​​a few sketches, and we choose a pose in which girl was to be sculpted. She had to be slim – remember that the times of occupation were malnutrition in all teritories east of the Reich.


 figurine Umbrella

Content of the model

Instead of usual alternative heads: one in a cap and second in helmet I decided to order two variants of arms. The idea was that the Home Army Regulation position of the white and red national recognition bands changed on August 10. This allowed the modeler at the choice of the battles in which he would like to put the figurine – Defense Cemeteries 2-10 August, Old Town – the end of August or Powisle district  – mid September.


Two variants of white and red bands

Dress of girl is typical of the Uprising collection of military and civilian elements, simply and practically as possible. German camouflage smock, with a well sculpted folds, ruffles and embroidery. Skirt and shoes simple and tidy with great ruffles on the seat – the back of the knee.


Excellent grenade and a canvas bag give the figurine additional taste. Complementing are the plate of photoetched parts and decals. On photo etch are selected military eagles and scout movement signs and a Holy Virgin medal and cross around her neck. On the decal are three designs stamps of Polish Army (Wojsko Polskie – WP) or AK.

blaszka i kalka AK 1944

Painting of woman figurine – Home Army soldier

Figure of woman soldier of AK was painted Waldek Okrzeja well known modeler, owner of the company Attack Model – producing great Zimmerits from resin.

 Figurine AK 120mm Figurine Uprising

Figure was painted with airbrush and oils. It was masterly finished by Waldek literally in a few days. Colour of smock camouflage – as you can see it was summer during a battle, but here we have it overturned on the left side on the colors of autumn. Just among the ruins of brick-red color masked better than green.


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  1. We were informed by one of our readers that on photo

    is 15 year old boy-soldier of batalion Miotla and then Czata49 – Tadeusz Rajszczak conspiracy name: Maszynka. Pongsatorn was obviously confused with young look of soldier. Thanks for correction.

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