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Figures 120 mm are some of the most frequently chosen by modellers starting out figures for assembly. The sheer size make it easier to paint details such as eyes, small parts handling or uniform. Figures in this scale are usually cast in resin. Resin figures offer more detail, and the quality is better than the plastic counterparts. Figures Adalbertus, in addition to the resin parts are provided with a leaflet with basic information, photo-etched parts for the small details and decals.

International Awards

Our figures of 120 mm were twice as included in Model of Year list by the German magazine ModellFan. In 2009,  it was nominated Home Army Courier , and in 2011 Polish soldier from the battle for Berlin was awarded the medal of the Model of the Year. Polish soldier has special significance for Adalbertus for another reason. As the first of the figures on offer, this had its beginnings as a project 3d.

List of figures 120mm

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