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1/35 scale is the most popular scale models of military vehicles and quite popular among miniature modelers . To add a  life to the vehicle model, improve a diorama it is necessary to add all kinds of accessories in this scale. This could be the crates, barrels, cans, packets, tarpaulins, bags. Larger items such as roadside chapel, or wagon may be background or be the focal point of scenes. Moreover, much of the various types of additives may be used in the construction of scenes with figures 54 mm. That is why the offer Adalbertus could not miss the resin accessories in 1/35 scale that will enrich your scene and help you better showcase your figure or model.

Diorama accessories and vehicles 1/35

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  • ADB35505 Apiary, 3 beehives
  • ADB35504 Street Cart – Groceries
  • ADB35503 Luggage, 6 pcs.
  • ADB35502 Furmanka Horse Drawn Cart
  • ADB35501 Polish Roadside Shrine
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