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Mauser carbine wz.29 was a Polish construction designed originally as a primary weapon of the Polish Army. Produced in FB Radom in the thirties was a weapon similar in appearance and performance to the German Mauser 98K. It is included with bayonet wz.29 in set of our latest 120mm figure of a Polish soldier from 1939. View 3D renderings and learn more!

History of  Mauser wz.29 carabine

After regaining independence by Poland in 1918 Polish Army used over 20 types of  rifles.  By decision of Council of Ambassadors Poland received a machinery of German weapons factory in Gdansk (Danzig) in 1921.  So Polish Army adopted the Mauser 98 rifle system produced by machines of the factory as basic weapon under designation Mauser wz.98. In the second half of the ’20s it was developed the tactical concept of the use of shorter carbine, which was lighter and more convenient version of long barrel wz.98, but had a smaller range of effective shot.

żolnierz z kbk Mauser wz.29

In the early thirties the concept has changed and re-introduced as a primary armament rifle wz.98. Short rifles remained as cavalry weapons and personal weapons of heavy weapons teams and services and the police. Of course there were also wz.29s in the hands of ordinary riflemen during the war 1939, but in smaller quantity  than a rifle wz.98 .


A large number of rifles wz.29 was exported to Spain for arming troops gene. Franco. They had no producer insignia  stamped and unofficially were called Wz.29 (e – exports).
After the end of September 1939 Campaign a large party of  wz.29 carabines went to the hands of both aggressors. Germany and the Soviets introduced them to arm their soldiers. Wehrmacht named it Gewehr 298 (p) – G298 (p).

Model of  wz.29 carabine

Our figure is armed with a carbine wz.29 – as historical reconstruction on the basis of which it was developed. The model will also include a bayonet wz.29, which will be mounted on rifle, or left it in the sheath.



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