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Growing popularity of armor  model kits in 1/48 scale can not remain unnoticed by the manufacturers of model accessories. Each plastic model kit requires some alterations. To meet the demand, Adalbertus offers a range of resin additives and accessories also in this scale. Thanks to them, it is possible correction and enrichment of model tanks. Thanks to ready to use conversion it is faster and easier than in the case of scratchbuilding.

Accessories for vehicles and dioramas 1/48 scale

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  • 48511 Sherman Gun Travel Lock 2 pcs.
  • 48510 M4 “Sharp Nose” Drive Housing
  • 48508 M4 Sherman US Stowage
  • 48507 British Sherman Stowage Bins
  • 48504 M4 Sherman Pressed Wheels
  • 48503 StuG IIIB Stowage Set, 1:48
  • 48502 Siegfried Line Obstacles ‘Dragon Teeth’
  • 48501 M4 Sherman Sandbag Set, 1:48
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