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Until recently, scale 1/48 is reserved mainly for model airplanes, and figures in this scale were produced mainly for just about this branch. In recent years there has been considerable development in the modeling of armored scale and increase its popularity. Scale armor in 1/48 scale was recognized very convenient for space-saving, while maintaining a good level of detail (compared to the scale of 1/35). This means an increase in demand also figures in 1/48 scale, which will apply in these areas modeling. Here, with the help comes, among other things Adalbertus, producing resin figures, so that your vehicle will receive a human face and an excellent reference volume. Miniatures in 1/48 scale are approximately 37 mm in height. This means that will be needed during painting experience and skills acquired while working on the figures in 1/35 and 54 mm.

Figures made in 1/48

  • ADB48005 Merian C. Cooper, 1920
  • ADB48004 British Tank Commander 1944
  • ADB48003 Cromwell Tank Crew 1944
  • ADB48002 US Tank Crew ETO 1944
  • ADB48001 US Infantrymen, Winter 1944
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