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Figures in scale 54 mm (height measured to the most eye level) correspond to 1/32 scale. It is the most popular scale of miniatures. And its popularity is affected by several factors.

  • First, figure 54 mm retain good value of  details to size.
  • Second, is the size at which most modelers have no problems with painting details.
  • Thirdly, the price is reasonable, especially in comparison with miniatures in scale 75 and 120 mm.
  • Fourth, the small size allows an easy presentation, and even creating small scenes in a small space.

Figures subject 54mm

54 mm miniatures subject is representing mostly the military figures until the end of the nineteenth century. Less appear subject from the first half of the twentieth century, and contemporary are reserved rather for 1/35 scale. Figures 54 mm are produced mostly from the resin or metal. Adalbertus produces historical figures from the resin. In addition to each set of instructions is included.

List of figures 54mm

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